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Month: August 2018

‘Normal’ blood sugar levels may not be so normal after all

A new study — conducted by researchers at Stanford University in California — reveals that common foods can cause blood sugar spikes in otherwise healthy people. Paying closer attention to these spikes could prevent diabetes and some of its complications. Over the course of a day, blood sugar levels may spike to diabetic and prediabetic […]

Apple Watch Goes All-In With Health and Fitness Focus

Apple aimed to stretch its lead in the smartwatch market when it introduced its Apple Watch Series 4 last week. The redesigned and re-engineered line features a bigger display, thinner and smaller case, an interface with richer detail, and some innovative health applications enabled by new sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope hardware. “Between watchOS 5 and […]

New multiple sclerosis culprit identified

It is still unclear what causes multiple sclerosis, but new research closes in on the faulty immune system mechanisms involved in the development of this condition. New research has identified another type of immune cell that may play a role in MS. Multiple sclerosis (MS), which is an autoimmune disease, causes the immune system to mistakenly attack myelin. […]

The best free things to do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city with a rich history and a thriving art scene – much of which can be enjoyed for nothing at all. From free concerts at one of the city’s biggest performing arts centers to photo opportunities of heavyweight champion proportions, here are our 15 favorite free things to do in the City […]