Sewage Removal in Tucson, AZ

“Black” water contains fecal matter, raw sewage, & bacteria and requires expert intervention. C&D Restoration’s experience, skill, and fast response time ensures your family’s well-being after a sewage-related flood has occurred. Our certified service technicians will take care of all damage resulting from a clogged sewer line backup or break.

The most dangerous substance to enter a home or business is raw sewage. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the dangers that sewage creates, especially for small children, the elderly and those with respiratory or immune system issues. Your health, and those of your loved ones, really matters! Swift action is necessary to prevent further damage from occurring, for the longer you wait to start the cleanup, the more severe and expensive the damage will be; and if your contents and structure remain wet, you will more than likely have the additional trouble such as mold damage.

Sewage Backup Removal & Cleanup

Have a sewage emergency? The professionals at C&D Restoration can help! Only trained professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage removal. That’s where we come in.

Our job is to reduce the damage to your home by swift and thorough action, which will bring your contents and structure as close to original condition as possible. We can restore sewage damaged rugs, contents and structural materials to pre-disaster appearance or better. We are experts in sewage damage restoration and sewage removal. We will recommend the best and most efficient way to remove sewage and restore the damaged home or business. Through years of restoring sewage damaged homes and water damaged businesses, we know that swift action is vital with even the smallest amount of sewage damage in order to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria in your home or business.

Why Choose C&D Restoration?

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  • We handle everything from water cleanup and removal to full repairs and restoration